Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Causes and consequences of social phobia

Causes of social phobia
The causes underlying occurrence and development of social phobia remain a riddle until now. Psychologically traumatic social situations are considered of little significance. Various theories have been offered. According to one of them a child imitates sociophobic behavior of his or her parents. Another theory puts restriction of development of social skills as the main cause, i.e. if a person does not know how to behave in this or that situation it can be the reason of anxiety and excitement. Hyper-care or, on the contrary, lack of attention and love in childhood also plays not the last role in development of social phobia. It was established that hereditary predisposition to constantly growing pressure can also be a cause of this psychological disease.

Consequences of social phobia
Investigations showed, that people with social phobia are more often lonely, they seldom celebrate holidays, and they have less chances to marry. They frequently have problems in getting education as fear before group and public performances can prevent the process of study and even terminate it. Such people are often hopeless in having career growth. In attempt to escape anxiety many sociophobics start to abuse alcohol that finally results in self-destruction. Depression is also characteristic of people suffering from social phobia.

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